The PCMCD Board consists of three Commissioners elected by registered voters residing within the District's boundaries. These Commissioners are elected "at large" and are not representative of any specific geographical or political region within the Pasco County. The Board has voted to rotate duties between Commissioners annually, so that each may have the opportunity to serve as the Chairman, Secretary, and Treasurer.

Formerly, all Commissioners were elected on a single ballot every four years. Realizing that an election could result in a completely new Commission with a consequential lack of continuity and loss of institutional memory, it was decided in 1996, that the two Commissioners elected with the largest number of votes would serve a 4-year term (1997-2000) beginning in January 1997, and then be eligible for re-election in November 2000 for another 4-year term. The Candidate receiving the third largest number of votes would serve a 2-year term, and then be eligible for re-election in November 1998 to a 4-year term (1999-2002).

Click here to see the former Commissioners and Directors plus their terms of service. Unfortunately, we have been unable to locate a photo of every Commissioner for this page. If you have one that you would like to share, or know where we may find one, please contact us. Thank you.