The PCMCD reduces mosquito populations in various ways, including water management, biological control agents, and insecticides, which can be effective in controlling mosquito larvae (larvicides) or mosquito adults (adulticides). Mosquito populations can increase rapidly depending on flooding and general weather conditions so a constant check must be maintained to determine which species are infesting a particular area to assure that control is carried out to the best advantage.

Each mosquito species has a different habitat, behavior and preferred source of blood. Organized mosquito control is necessary because mosquitoes are not only a nuisance as biting insects, but are also involved periodically in transmitting diseases to humans and animals.

Depending on the stage of the mosquito targeted and the size and accessibility of the treatment area, a number of techniques may be implemented to achieve control.

Controlling mosquitoes in the larval stage is preferred, since it prevents a major emergence of the biting adult females. There are limits to where the trucks can gain access so it is often necessary to use helicopters to inspect and spray for larvae.
If you see us out in one of our "Omaha Orange" helicopters during the day, we are most likely conducting inspections and/or controlling the juvenile (larval) stages of mosquitoes that occur in both salt and fresh water environments. We also have specially equipped trucks for larval control at smaller sites. Larval control is one of the main aspects of our integrated approach to pest management.
We actively pursue pestiferous adult mosquitoes seven days a week during the summer rainy season. If you see us out in our white twin-engine Aztec at dawn or dusk, or note our presence in the dark, we are controlling the adult mosquitoes. You are most likely to see the Aztec from 8 pm to midnight and 3 am to 7 am during the summer months.
We also control adult mosquitoes using trucks equipped with pesticide application equipment. The Ultra Low Volume (ULV) trucks are generally used in areas with good road access.