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5th Grade

The Good, The Bad, The Mosquito

Teachers may choose between a one-day or two-day program. For both programs students will participate in an interactive presentation to discuss the life cycle of the mosquito, anatomy of a mosquito, diseases transmitted by mosquitoes and efforts used to control mosquitoes. The presentation includes a PowerPoint element and wraps up each session with a mini-lab observing adult mosquitoes or investigating mosquito predators. All lessons have been linked to the Next Generation Sunshine State Standards (NGSSS) and include pre/post curriculum materials.

Middle School

Mosquitoes, Other Insects & their Adaptations

This program is currently being developed for the 2017-18 school year. The two-day presentation will give examples of a variety of insects and their adaptations for survival. Students will also investigate diseases transmitted by mosquitoes and historical and present control methods. Keep an eye on more to come!

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  • The Pasco County Mosquito Control District is committed to assuring the quality of life in our community. If you experience mosquito activity or notice invasive aquatic weeds that harbor mosquitoes in your area, please contact us.
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