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  • Serving All of Pasco County

    The mission of the Pasco County Mosquito Control District is to protect the health and well-being of the citizens of Pasco County through the prevention and control of mosquitoes and mosquito-borne diseases. Our goal is to control both pestiferous and disease carrying mosquito populations to a tolerable level in the safest, most economical manner, while using a variety of methods in such a way as to minimize potential effects on people, wildlife and the environment.

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  • Control Efforts

    Depending on the stage of the mosquito targeted and the size and accessibility of the treatment area, a number of techniques may be implemented to achieve control.

    Control Efforts

  • Disease Monitoring

    The PCMCD monitors the presence of arboviruses, viruses which are transmitted by mosquitoes.

    Disease Monitoring

  • Aquatic Weed

    We only attempt to control plants that harbor certain mosquito species, or to thin out areas such as floating plant mats where growth is so thick that natural predators can’t find the mosquito larvae and pupae.

    Aquatic Weed

  • Research & Development

    To assure that the materials used by the PCMCD remain effective and work to their best advantage, it is important to monitor the mosquitoes for resistance to these products.

    Research & Development

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  • The Pasco County Mosquito Control District is committed to assuring the quality of life in our community. If you experience mosquito activity or notice invasive aquatic weeds that harbor mosquitoes in your area, please contact us.
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