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Board Of Commissioners

PCMCD is an Independent Taxing District with a board of three elected Commissioners. These elected positions are non-partisan with no political affiliation. These Commissioners are elected “at large” and are not representative of any specific geographical region within Pasco County. The Commissioners are elected for a 4 year term, with two seats elected on the same year, and the third seat is elected 2 years later. If there should be a vacancy on the board, it would be filled by appointment for the remainder of the unexpired term by the Commissioner of Agriculture from the Florida Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services (FDACS).

The Commissioners serve as the fiscal guardians of the tax-payers of Pasco County. Their primary function is to make decisions on setting the annual budget and millage rates based on the recommendations of the District’s Executive Director. Additionally, they review and approve checks and purchase orders, and review and approve the policy decisions of the District. The Commissioners are on a rotating monthly schedule to approve and sign vendor payments and payroll each week.

The Commissioners meet once a month for the District’s Board meetings and as needed for special workshops. There are also two Budget Hearings held every year in September to give the final approval on the budget and millage rate for the upcoming fiscal year. The Board has voted to rotate duties between Commissioners annually, so that each may have the opportunity to serve as the Chairman, Secretary, and Treasurer.

The public is always welcome to attend any of our monthly meetings in-person, as well as the Budget Hearings in September. The District enjoys hearing feedback from the residents.