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School & Summer Programs


PCMCD offers a free education program to all Pasco County Schools. The classroom programs are aimed at teaching students and educators about mosquitoes. Students get an opportunity to hear a presentation and participate in hands-on activities. This gives students the opportunity to identify mosquitoes, understand the mosquito life cycle and observe other organisms that eat mosquitoes.

Students also learn about the variety of methods being used in Pasco County for controlling mosquitoes. A goal of the education program is having students return home and share information with their families, further helping us spread awareness.

Summer Programs

Summer programs can be completely customizable.  We are available to visit libraries, outdoor camps, school-based camps, and so much more.


Contact: Karen Mojica • Public Education Specialist
office: (727) 376-4568 (ext. 216)
mobile: (727) 810-6675