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Employee Cross Training

Our staff of 30+ full time and 10-15 part time employees have been cross trained to perform multiple tasks enabling higher efficiency in our small program that services the 765 square miles of Pasco County. Rather than assign one individual to one task we often reassign employees to different areas or different tasks as needed. Additionally, many of our employees are tasked with more than one duty which often keeps them very busy. For example, our Operations Director is tasked with coordinating the ground adulticiding program, aerial adulticiding program, assists in the paint booth, and works closely with the Field Supervisor and aquatic weeds teams. Many of our field employees are assisting the shop personnel with rebuilding and managing equipment and other projects during the off-season. With a relatively small staff, it makes the most sense to utilize our workforce in multiple departments.

In addition to the items highlighted above, we have many other examples within our program that help save time and provide cost savings by doing these tasks in-house:

  • Tire changer/wheel balancer
  • Paint booth for painting vehicles, equipment, and parts
  • Metal workshop to design and repair equipment
  • Management software to record all activities and provide reports

To summarize, PCMCD has a long history of being very frugal in the use of funds provided by ad valorem taxes. We do our best to utilize these funds as efficiently as possible while providing the highest level of mosquito control services to the Pasco County residents. Also, since our elected commissioners are solely focused on the mission of PCMCD, they don’t get buried in a multitude of other unrelated issues, some of which can be very political. This translates into prompt decisions regarding policy and budget that affect the day to day operations, resulting in an organization focused on the best mosquito/disease control for Pasco County’s residents.