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Equipment Design and Modification

PCMCD is very well known for being an innovator of equipment used in both larviciding and adulticiding applications. Rather than purchasing equipment off the shelf from distributors at a much higher cost, much of our equipment has been designed and built in-house for daily use and can be seen on the larviciding trucks, ATVs, fog trucks, and more. Additionally, this equipment has proved to be more reliable and has allowed our staff to get things repaired and back on line much more efficiently. Several mosquito control programs throughout the U.S. have visited PCMCD to view our equipment with the hopes of replicating the equipment for use within their own programs.

During the peak of our activities PCMCD stocks the essential parts and supplies which are most vulnerable to break-down. Rather than waiting to receive approval to purchase and wait for parts to be delivered, our shop has these critical parts available for immediate replacement, allowing the equipment to be put back into service sometimes the very same day.

Following are several examples of the application equipment: