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Laptop Computers / Program Software

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<Picture 1: Morning meeting to review data for field inspectors.  Picture 2: Map of potential areas to be treated.>

PCMCD has incorporated the use of laptop computers within the inspector’s vehicles to utilize software developed for our program. This software allows inspectors to see the resident’s calls for service requests and enter information found on these inspections. This software program also allows PCMCD to look at vehicle location to assure efficient response times and provides accountability of their time. The software program also allows for pre-planning helicopter applications and post-analysis to assure the proper areas were treated. This software is utilized for planning meetings each morning for field inspectors to review recent rainfall, current weather, mosquito trap collection numbers, resident service requests, current tides, etc. The software has been a great asset in sharing critical information to allow us to respond to the public needs as quickly and efficiently as possible. Our quick response has been acknowledged by the Pasco residents and we continue to strive for keeping that reputation.