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Truck, ATV and Handheld ULV Spray Equipment

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<Picture of ATV and UTV set up for ground adulticiding>

PCMCD has designed and built most of the Ultra Low Volume (ULV) spray equipment used for the control of the adult stage of the mosquito from the ground. The only items purchased to build these ground ULV sprayers are the blower, engine and nozzle assembly. The frame, insecticide tanks and riser tubes are welded in-house to provide considerable cost savings. The automatic flow control system is designed to automatically adjust the insecticide delivered with the speed of the vehicle assuring the proper flow rate. These ULV units have been standardized for our fleet and are easily serviceable and reliable for use.

The larger ULV machines for the pickup trucks would cost approximately $15,000 for the unit and flow control system, while we can build and assemble the equipment for $5,000. We utilize these units in 10 trucks that often go out each evening, weather permitting. The total cost savings would be a total of $100,000. The smaller ULV machines for the ATV’s would cost approximately $6,000 if purchased from a distributor, while we can make the same for $2,000. We have four of these units.

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<Picture: hand held ULV sprayer>

Another treatment tool designed by staff is our hand held ULV sprayer. These small and light sprayers have been converted from a weed eater and transformed into an efficient tool for treating the adult mosquitoes in hard to reach areas. The cost of purchasing and converting these sprayers are significantly less than those available off the shelf from the equipment manufacturers.

The cost of transforming the hand held ULV sprayers from the weed eater to a spray unit is $450, while it would cost $4,000 to purchase a similar unit for the equipment supplier. We have 10 of these hand held ULV sprayers, so the total savings would be $35,500.